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As the name suggests these are used in hotels/ Boarding where rooms/suits are given on rents. These are useful in identifying the room keys and also in arranging properly. For instance, there are rooms on the ground floor of a hotel then they are indicated like G01, G02, G03 and so on where G indicates GROUND FLOOR and number is for room. These keys are arranged on a board at reception systematically so that hotel manager can easily come to know which room is vacant and which room has been occupied while allotting rooms to customers.

Other type of key tags  used is  to switch ON/OFF the  electricity in the hotel room. There is a space/socket in each room  which is connected to the electric supply board. When a person enters a room unless he/she  inserts the key tag in the socket electricity is not made  available and tube lights/air conditioner/fan in the room will  not work. Same is true in reverse case that is at the time of leaving the room he/she will have to take the key tag out  of the socket to lock the room, thus  switching off the lights and fans and any other electrical device  in the room.  This is a precautionary measure taken against the customers  who  have  tendency to forget  to switch off  lights and fans  at the time of leaving/vacating hotel room/suit. It saves electricity up to Rs. 2.0 lacks per year  considering the use of such key tags.